Cincinnati Hang Gliding!

Tandem Hang Gliding

Soar the skies and experience freedom in a new way with our unparalleled hang gliding adventures. We will take you incredibly high for a breathtaking, dazzling and panoramic view of the Cincinnati area like never before.

Take Flight

They say the exhilaration in this ultimate flight of freedom cannot be described, only experienced. And Cincinnati Hang Gliding can bring you close to the electrifying unending rush you will feel from beginning to end. Fly next to certified instructors-they come with years of experience; they live for the thrill, just like you.

Cincinnati Hang Gliding

Perfect for anyone

An Cincinnati Hang Gliding adventure is perfect for anyone looking to become a certified hang glider or for other thrill seekers wanting a tandem flight. You'll be able to complete exciting maneuvers, turns and flips in the air as you fly with your instructor.

Feel indescribable

Do you dare to run off a hilltop with your hang glider, and feel the most indescribable thrill running through your bones? If so, we have the best hills for the momentum you need. Our hang gliding adventures are fun-filled -- it's adrenaline overload!

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Question is: Will you be able to contain yourself?

We know that whatever you decide, you will have the greatest time of your life. Fly ultra light and let yourself go, call 1-888-516-9574 for Cincinnati Hang Gliding today!

Cincinnati Hang Gliding

Tandem Hang Gliding

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Ohio Cincinnati Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding FAQ

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Cincinnati Hang Gliding in Ohio

Hang Gliding Gifts

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Cincinnati Hang Gliding

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Want to discuss your idea with us? Our experts are here.

Hang Gliding in Cincinnati
Hang Gliding in Ohio

Most Modern Equipment

Live your dream of flight during a tandem hang gliding experience with a USHPA certified instructor. Cincinnati Hang Gliding's affiliate pilots and instructors utilize the most modern equipment available and launch from some of the most beautiful sites in Ohio! Hang glide with the best!

Perfect for Everyone

Whether you're new to hang gliding or have already logged hundreds of hours, Cincinnati Hang Gliding will find the ideal program to establish or improve your flying skills. No matter what your level of commitment is, Cincinnati Hang Gliding has an instructor that is right for you!

Gift Certificates

Want to give a memorable gift to your more adventurous friends and family? Give the gift of a breathtaking hang gliding adventure right here in Ohio! Cincinnati Hang Gliding Gift Certificates are valid at dozens of locations across America and are on sale now for any occasion!

Powered Hang Gliding

A powered hang glider is an ultra-light aircraft. In essence it’s a standard hang glider with an engine and an open-air cockpit. They feature seating for two, the instructor and student, and their engines are very reliable. It is even possible to turn the engine off and fly as a pure glider.

First Hang Gliding

As an alternative, you may choose an aerotow high-altitude hang glide lesson, sure to make your cloud-bustin' adventure stress-free and exciting!

Power Hang Gliders

Another thrilling alternative which you may not have considered for your next adventure is powered hang gliding!


Ohio Hang Glide! Get our Hang gliding information about making Ohio Hang Glide, Powered Hang Glider, or Paragliding

Gift Certificate

Cincinnati Hang Gliding Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for the Hang glider thrill seekers in your life

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If you need assistance immediately, feel free to call Cincinnati Hang Gliding at 1-888-516-9574. You can contact us seven days a week to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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First Hang Glide

What Clients say

This is the best flying experience you will ever get! Forget about first class flights, it was pure fun - the essence of "wow". Cincinnati hang gliding Team know what they're doing, and I had an unforgettable flight. Learning about physics of flying and thermals has never..

Jhon Doe, USA

the hang gliding in Cincinnati Hang Gliding was so much fun! it's an amazing experience and definitely worth the price. The guys are really fun too and we felt save with them.

JB Jeniffer

My daughter and I did the hang gliding while my wife stayed back drinking free beer. From the beginning, Bernie and Ed made us feel welcome, creating a very fun and lively experience.

Deniss Hartzog, USA

Call 1-888-516-9574 Today! for an amazing, a beautiful bird's eye view from a hang glider high above Cincinnati, Ohio!